A downloadable game for Windows

A submission for the Haunted Hunting Game Jam.

Player beware, you're in for a scare! Play across two terrifying stories, each revolved around the theme of the hunt. Both are guaranteed to give you nightmares!

Hunt is the a story of an invisible killer that is never seen. All you can hear is the rustle in the grass, if you're close enough. A game not focused on jump-scares but on a creepy atmosphere, Hunt is perfect for your average hater of jump-scares.

Once you've survived (or died to!) the invisible killer from Hunt, try Trapped for a good scare. Equipped with only a flashlight and an uneasy stomach, avoid the oldest living member of the Smith Dynasty as Hunting Season #129 is commencing - and the Smiths didn't hunt animals. They hunt humans. And did I mention the man hunting you is a ghost? Yeah, that might have been helpful to know. He leaves after 5 minutes.

This game harnesses the power of horror and creates a horrid game that will make you regret ever playing. You have no control over what happens - only the game chooses your fate.

This game has full Oculus support! Play it on your Rift or Quest with Oculus Link!

Mature Audiences only - Rated M17+  for mild language, intense violence, and blood and gore.


WASD to move

SHIFT + WASD to sprint

CTRL for flashlight (Trapped only)

Q to rotate left

e to rotate right


CabinTalesInstall.exe 117 MB

Install instructions

Just go through the install instructions and scream! (I'd recommend selecting a custom file location at the beginning of the install to make the game easily accesible. If not, it will be in C:ProgramFiles by default. )


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We kept on getting caught by the guy, hah
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thanks for playing, that means a lot! Can't seem to find the link for the video, could you send it to me?

Here's my gameplay! Enjoy!

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Wow, thank you! Also, the gun is not actually in the game! I planned for it to be, but gave up on the idea. You're supposed to just keep walking until you eventually get into an area with invisible boundaries and the monster is going around. of course, as I said, it is invisible and the only indication of it being near is a rustling noise. Sorry about that floor glitch too. my music composer rafinci studios had the same error but I can't find it anywhere.